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Bicycle Accessories
Bicycle Accessories

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  • The new boxed bicycle lock Ergonomic rubber grips aluminum claw-type grip

  • Length: 14cm * 12cm * 3cm

  • Material: lock ring, aluminum alloy, TPR rubber

  • Installation Instructions: install over the handle bar, shifter (brake lever) installed on the outside, can not fully cover the lead to side to tighten the handlebar so not tight, we need to first loosen the dip inside tune until the outer and lateral collateral handlebar alignment, last but not least, you need to tighten the screws on it.

  • 1 pair of Bike Brake Pad / Bicycle Brake Shoes Techkin Road MTB
  • Price: The price is 1 pair
  • Size: about 7 cm
  • Single weight: about 40g
  • Note: The listed price is a single price. Because the inventory changes too quickly, black / grey does not specify a color.
  • [Product Name]: Multifunctional Survival Card / Saber card / multifunction card camping life-saving tool

  • [Product Material: Stainless steel , [Size]: 6.8 * 4.5CM, thickness 2MM , Product packaging: Black jacket made of leather, Chinese illustrated instructions

  • 【Features】:● quality stainless steel molding, high strength, exquisite workmanship, sharp blade, solid steel body; ● black leather protective cover, can avoid hurting their own edge; ● credit card size with similar specifications, can be placed in a wallet or hang on a key ring, are very convenient to carry and use; ● compact, range:

  • 1. Can opener: The following hook edge port used in conjunction with the above, can easily open the tin cans. 2. Wrench: the hollow strip slot, you can squeeze any flat type Bohou different items with a turnbuckle.

  • 3. sawtooth: double staggered sawtooth, increase, improve efficiency, I used to cut wood branches not only to remove Scale is very easy to use.

  • 4. keyhole, this card can be hung on a key ring. 5. Positioning wrenches: two different types of hexagonal wrenches, smaller than some models feature 7.

  • 6. directional: can use accurate determination of the scale of sixteen equal portions in different directions. 7. Positioning wrench: four different types of hexagonal wrench, suitable for daily use of the size of bolts and nuts.

  • 8. Ruler: The metric scale, minimum scale mm. 9. bottle opener: for beer, beverage bottle cap open. 10. Screwdrivers: in a corner of the card (this location advantage of increasing the strength of the mechanics)

  • Product name:  Luminous strip reflector stick 
  • Material: ABS plastic 
  • Length : 75mm
  • Inner Diameter: 1.9-2.4mm
  • Outer Diameter: 5mm
  • Color: White, Green, Blue, Red, and Yellow
  • Specification: luminous Reflective stick, the stick can fix on the all type of wheel. The luminous Reflective stick serve a purpose of let other cars can be able to notice the existing of bike user. It not only work it at night, during the day time. it will make your bike look much more obvious. It really serve a safety purpose. 
  • [Name]: 15-in-1 Multi-function tools repair
  • [Configuration]: Allen wrench 8/9 / 10MM,
  • [Phillips screwdriver, flathead screwdriver]
  • [Material]: carbon steel; Surface treatment: Nickel
  • DESCRIPTION - Brand New bike repair tool kit.
  • Size: 24CM * 12CM * 5 CM
  • The kit includes: 1. Socket hex wrench 8mm,,9mm,10mm, 2. Slotted screwdriver, 3. Philips screwdriver, 4. Socket extention rod, 5. Solid wrench 8mm/10/mm/15mm, 6. Hex key wrench 2mm/2.5mm/3mm/4mm/5mm/6mm, 7. Spole wrench, 8. wrench 6-16mm, 9. Two platic tire levers, 10. Plastic tire lever, 11. Three patches 25mm round, 12. Three patches 34mm round, 13. Three patches 25*50mm oval, 14. One Rasp, 15. 8cc rubber patch cement, 16. 1 user manual, 17. One mini pump , 18. One belt pouch
  • Name: Multi-function Bicycle Lights

  • Color: Black

  • Lenght: 11*6.5*3.5 , Weight: 100g

  • Power supply: Use 3 AAA batteries (product without batteries)

  • Features: 3 bright led light bulbs, night cycling, loud speakers, further improving cycling protection.

  • Attention to purchase is greater than 2.2cm handlebar will not install

  • Brand: 2Pcs Quick Release Titanium Skewers Road Bike Aluminum tide Bicycle MTB

  • Specifications: Front wheel of 100MM, rare the 155MM

  • Color: red, blue and black

  • Note: the price for a pair,

  • Material: iron plus aluminum alloy

  • Giant Cycling Multi Function Bag, Condition: New, Colour: Black, blue & red
  • Measurement: 160mm X 120mm X 50mm (one side), Material: Polyester + PVC         
  • Easy install and remove, Big pocket to put handphone, wallet, tools and others, New design, mounted on front beam which does not affect the ride, Come with reflective line for safety purpose
  • [Name] 4 IN 1 bike bag / front pack / bag on the tube / bilateral package WITH FREE strap 
  • [Weight] 330g around , [Size] Main packet length 22CM * W 6.5CM * 15CM, Two small package package dimensions are: Length Width 6.5CM * 9.8CM * 15CM  
  • Brand: It could be Giant/ Techkin. Merida or OEM brand
  • [Features] Four in 1  function ; 1. It can become a oblique backpack, 2. Camera bag, 3, Cell phone package; 4,  Big Volume the debris bag.  
  • can be installed under the raincoat, thin summer blouse, cameras, mobile phones, around some small things, can be loaded into, is a former super good value for money car pack


  • [Name]: 6 in 1 multifunction repair tool , [Model]: 22163 
  • [Configuration]: Allen wrench 3/4/5 / 6MM, Phillips screwdriver, flathead screwdriver, wood
  • [Material]: carbon steel; Surface treatment: Nickel 
  • Color: black, white, red, blue, gold 
  • [Name] 6 in 1 multifunction tool 
  • [Material] carbon steel, nickel plated. 
  • [Color] red, silver, blue 
  • [Function] hex wrench 3/4/5 / 6mm, Phillips (Plus) screwdriver, flathead (Minus) screwdriver
  • [Weight] about 110 g [containing the battery] (110g, with battery)

  • Size wide 6.1CM * 4.5 * long thick 5.5CM (handmade measurement, it is inevitable error, please understand)

  • [Color] Red Blue Black White (for various reasons in-kind colors and images will be slightly different color, product color to real

  • Products subject to the occasion) , [Material] silicone + electronic devices

  • [Features] The frog lamp has 7 LED, 5 white LED + 2 red LED. The red LED in two sides 2, 5 white LED in front. Lit up at night is very beautiful. Brightness is very good, you can do the warning headlights.

  • 7 LED (5 white in the middle + 2 red at two side) With 3 types of lighting

  • This Item is comes with three Battery,

  • Name: 7LED sided double sense (with adapter)

  • Power: 3 AG10 button batteries (included)

  • Features: It is sense by shock / vibration  and it is very sensitive. When you are not riding, the LED will off automatically. you will save a lot of battery.

  • Description:  water Proof, mouth applicable US and British mouth , it need to install the conversion. Now on the market are selling one-sided LED, you can only to see side. BUT our latest product that is double-sided. When you ride, people can see both sides of the words

  • Product Name: Aerobar armrest bridge Handle bar universal bicycle triathlon sport Closed to 25.4 caliber 
  • The body material system: high material aluminum 
  • Sponge Material:  1CM thick sponge 
  • The total weight : About 640 grams, the total length of about 37CM, both ends of the width of about 30CM, width about 10CM in the middle.
  • Suitable for installation in 22.2-25.4 caliber handle bar. as for the carbon bike please do not install it for too tight, as it might be split/spoil your handle bar.
  • It is suitable be use when cyclist maintain a certain speed for a long time during the ride, and it can be use while the road is in good condition.
  • Because the rest/handle/aero bar has no brakes system.
  • Style: Aerobar armrest Split bridge Handle bar universal bicycle triathlon
  • Material: Aluminum 
  • Aluminum: diameter 220mm, total length of 40cm. 
  • Size: 2.2cm-2.65cm handlebar can be installed.  Installation can even support a maximum size of 3.3cm Caliber!. It is flexible installation, handlebar too thin can bundle with Strap before you install! According to the actual situation of the installation! 
  • Weight: 680 g / set 
  • Tips: please screws with the suitable strengh, please do not screw it in handlebar with too hard to avoid handlebar broken! 


  • Ass Saver Bicycle Mudguard
  • Easy to install.
  • Condition: New
  • Plastic
  • Universal Usage
  • Durability